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XSPEC graphics

Extensive documentation for the PLT graphics routine is available in the ``The QDP/PLT Users's Guide'' and also from the interactive help. This appendix is intended to provide information to assist in using PLT from within the XSPEC program.

Within XSPEC, it is possible to set your graphics device using the cpd command. Any PGPLOT8.1 device supported by your local version of PGPLOT is accepted. The cpd command can be used to display a list of all PGPLOT devices. If you fail to enter a device name, you will be prompted for a PGPLOT device every time you generate a new plot.

From XSPEC, there are two ways to call the PLT routine. The plot command will produce a graph and control will return immediately to XSPEC. To go into interactive plot mode, use iplot. This will produce exactly the same graph but the ``PLT>'' prompt will appear. At this point, you can enter PLT commands to inspect interesting parts of the graph, add labels, or make a hardcopy file for later printing.

Ben Dorman