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Fluxes, luminosities, equivalent widths, and line IDs

The flux command calculates the flux from the current model in the given energy range. This energy range should be within that defined by the current response matrix. If a larger energy range is required, then the dummyrsp command should be given. If this command is used, the user should reset the response matrix using resp before returning to fitting, or incorrect results will be generated.

The lumin command calculates the luminosity for the source redshift given. The cosmological parameters used to calculate luminosity are changed with the cosmo command. The eqwidth command determines the equivalent width of a model component, usually a line. The command thleqw calculates the expected equivalent width for a fluorescence line of specified yield. The user of either of these last two commands should read the help descriptions carefully.

The command addline can be used to automatically add lines to a model. These can be identified using identify and modid.

Ben Dorman