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HEASARC support for unencrypted FTP access will be ending on September 20, 2019. Please see this notice for details.

Suzaku Guest Observer Facility

Suzaku Archive

Suzaku Archive Access

The Suzaku archive can be accessed at HEASARC via the following interfaces:

HEASARC Browse interface Make searches across multiple missions, including Suzaku
Anonymous FTP or wget Do direct data retrieval via FTP or wget protocol without browsing the observation logs (for expert users).
Retrieval of monitoring and instrument trend data are only available via FTP or wget.

Oct 24 2016 : Final Suzaku archive on-line
After the Suzaku mission was declared complete on Aug 28 2015 , all Suzaku data were re-processed with the latest software version and calibration information. The sequences were re-processed in two batches. The process started in May 2016 for the first batch and in July 2016 for the second batch to include the final XIS calibration that affected the sequences in the second run. The final archive was on-line on Oct 24 2016 simultaneously with the archive in Japan at DARTS.

The Suzaku data may also be accessed at:

Suzaku source name :
Suzaku-discovered sources are to be named using the following convention:
Suzaku Jhhmm-ddmm
Suzaku Jhhmmss-ddmmss
where hhmm-ddmm and hhmmss-ddmmss are RA and DEC in J2000 and '-'is either - or +.
Suzaku Archive documentation
Suzaku Calibration archive and software
The calibration data are archived in the HEASARC calibration database (CALDB). The latest releases of the calibration data and their supporting information are available in the Suzaku Caldb page . The latest software is available from the HEASARC software download page

If you have any questions concerning Suzaku, visit the Feedback form.

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