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The HEASARC welcomes your participation in a brief survey to capture how users access and utilize HEASARC data, software, and services. The outcome(s) of this survey will be used to guide, prioritize, and plan our activities and development in the coming years. It contains 18 questions, generally takes just a few minutes to complete, and your answers will remain totally anonymous. We thank you in advance for your valuable feedback.

BeppoSAX U.S. Coordination Facility

BeppoSAX : Software

  • NFI Software and calibration.
    The latest SAXDAS software package was released by the SAX/SDC on April 2002 (SAXDAS 2.3.1) together with the latest calibration data. This package is compatible with HEASOFT 5.1 and earlier versions.
    With this SAXDAS 2.3.1 release, users have the option either to download the source code and compile the software themselves, or to download a precompiled executables directly. The binaries are avaialble for the following operating system Solaris, Digital OSF, and Linux. This new software realese includes:
    • "saxposcor" which correct the header keyword related to the WCS in the LECS and MECS event file
    • LECS ROLL ANGLE computation with median value (instead of mean)
    • bug fixed in LECS ESM2 STR_CONF selection
    • minor bugs fixed for Alpha floating Exception

    Software and calibration are available from the SAX/SDC ftp area (Rome, Italy) or from the HEASARC server in the directory sax/software/saxdas .

  • WFC software.
    The latest WFC software was released on August 5 1998, with several software patches released at later dates. The software and updates are available from the SAX/SDC ftp area (Rome, Italy) or from the HEASARC server in the directory sax/software/wfc

If you have any questions concerning BeppoSAX go to the Feedback form.

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