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How do I get access to the ROSAT archive?

  • First, you should find out what you want to retrieve -- see question #2.

  • Then, you can access data

    1. via ftp:

      There are 3 ftp sites (GSFC, MPE and Leicester) which serve public ROSAT data. At GSFC, the ROSAT data archive directory structure is



      <sequence_id> is of the form r<detector-code><ROR><obs-code><extensions>

      (for example, rp900176a01; see for more information on sequence naming conventions)

      <group> is the 1st digit of the ROR number x 100000 (if the sequence_id = rp900176a01, the group is 900000)

      <inst> is either pspc or hri

      So, to retrieve the sequence rp900176a01 from the GSFC archive, do the following:

                     your-machine% ftp
                     username: anonymous
                     password: your_name@
                     ftp> cd rosat/data/pspc/processed_data/900000/rp900176a01
                     ftp> bin
                     ftp> hash
                     ftp> mget *.*
                     ftp> quit  
      You can also use your web browser to access any dataset via anonymous ftp too; for example, pointing your browser at the URL will point you to the archive data directory containing the rp900176a01 data files; to download, just click.

    2. via BROWSE;

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