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Table 3 gives a list of the programs which are now available along with a short description of their purpose. Programs in the first group are used in the data reduction of individual observations, and are discussed in this section. Programs in the second group are discussed in the next section and are used to merge individual observations into larger-area mosaics.


VALID_TIMES creates an accepted time file
RATE creates a light-curve file for seven bands in 30 s bins
AO evaluates the nominal scattered solar X-ray background
RATE_FIT fits the light curves for the seven bands
LTE evaluates the number of LTE counts using RATE_FIT results
CAST_DATA casts the observed events into images in the seven bands
CAST_EXP casts the vignetting-corrected exposure in the seven bands
CAST_PART evaluates the particle background contribution
TILT evaluates the SSX contribution using RATE_FIT results
FIT_AP evaluates the afterpulse contribution
CAST_SSX casts the modelled SSX and LTE counts
FINAL_IMAGE creates the exposure-corrected, background-subtracted image
CAST_DATA_HRI casts the observed events into an image
CAST_EXP_HRI casts the vignetting-corrected exposure
CAST_PART_HRI casts the particle background contribution
ADAPT adaptive filter smoothing of image (not for scientific analysis)
DETECT performs a simple source detection and mask creation
MERGE tex2html_wrap_inline455 merges event, exposure, or background maps into a mosaic
OVERLAP tex2html_wrap_inline455 determines the relative offsets in the zero levels
MERGE_OFF tex2html_wrap_inline455 uses OVERLAP output to create an offset count mosaic
MERGE_IMAGE tex2html_wrap_inline455 same as FINAL_IMAGE but runs on mosaic images
ADAPT_MERGE tex2html_wrap_inline455 same as ADAPT but runs on mosaic images
Table 2: List of Programs

tex2html_wrap_inline455 Beta-site testing, use with caution

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