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Accessing the Code

The code described here can be found in the legacy anonymous ftp area
rosat/software/fortran/sxrb. The code is, for the most part, generic FORTRAN 77 which will hopefully not cause any difficulties for implementation on various machines. Certain programs will need to have path names modified for the access of certain files. In most if not all cases, this involves changing the variable DIRSTR both to reflect the proper path, and if the path-name length differs, the character length of DIRSTR. The programs AO, TILT, FIT_AP, CAST_EXP, CAST_EXP_HRI, CAST_PART, CAST_PART_HRI and DELETE, as well as the subroutines GEOSOL, GETGRD, and GETRAY_N, all require this change.

The main programs all have the qualifier .F (i.e., AO.F), while subroutines have the .FOR qualifier. Creation of executables is best accomplished by creating a library of all subroutines and linking to it. The programs use the FITSIO library of HEASARC for reading the observation data sets, certain required data files, and the writing of new image files. The fortran code for FITSIO can also be found in the LEGACY anonymous ftp area, in the directory software/fitsio. A handbook for the use of FITSIO (Pence 1994) can be found in the same directory (see the README file in the directory).

There are a number of input data files which must be copied as well. Some are contained in the rosat/software/fortran/sxrb ftp directory, while the PSPC detector maps (vignetted: det_M_N_X.fits where M and N denote the PI-channel range for the creation of the map and X denotes the detector; particle background: detp_Y_Z_X.fits where Y and Z denote the particle background component and gain state, respectively) are found in the ftp directory /caldb/data/rosat/pspc/cpf/detmaps and HRI detector maps (vignetted: be.fits; particle background: de_corr.fits) are found in the ftp directories /caldb/data/rosat/hri/cpf/detmaps.

The file cookbook_example.txt, which is in the same anonymous ftp directory as the code, contains an annotated listing of the commands and responses made to process the R4 band of a US PSPC observation.

The file SCRIPT.TXT contains a script for running the programs in an organized manner under the unix operating system, which was written by Michael Ledlow. The file SCRIPT.README contains documentation for the script. He has also produced the file BUILD.TXT which will (when properly modified) will compile and link all of the programs. Michael Dahlem has written an additional short file called INSTALLATION_GUIDE.TXT which details getting the necessary files from legacy and the creation of aliases. (Since my antipathy for unix knows no bounds, the above files are provided with no comment, or even understanding, on my part.)

In addition to the FITSIO package, use is also made of the MPE ASTROLIB library of utility routines written by Konrad Dennerl. A few routines have been borrowed and modified from Numerical Recipes by Press et al. (1986).

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Michael Arida
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