Cygnus X-3 Multiwavelength Spectra

The energy flux at the Earth due to electromagnetic radiation from Cygnus X-3 as a function of the frequency and, equivalently, energy and wavelength of the radiation. The data points in white are typical values for this variable source during quiet states, those in grey are values obtained during a period of apparently increased X-ray activity, and the point in black is the maximum flux observed during the first radio-frequency activity of the source to be detected. As indicated by the arrows, the fluxes due to optical radiation and gamma rays with energies of about 109 eV are upper limits. The energy flux is expressed in hertz times jansky (Jy).

Figure taken from "Cygnus X-3 and the Case for Simultaneous Multifrequency Observations" by France Cordova.

Multiwavelength spectra of Cygnus X-3

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