User-Contributed NuSTAR Software

In addition to the standard NuSTARDAS FTOOLs there is also user-contributed software which has been produced by the community. We note that this software is provided on an "As Is" basis, and that is the responsibility of the individual developers to maintain the software and to fix any bug reports, not the HEASARC's or the NuSTAR project's.
  • NuSTAR GitHub is the main repository for IDL-based NuSTAR scripts. This area contains:

    • NuSTAR utility scripts and time conversion scripts.

    • IDL wrapper scripts for nuproducts calls, other useful scripts for data analysis.

    • nustar_solar_filter, a simple script and instructions for generating GTIs to filter regions with enhanced background due to solar flares.

    • The "nuskybgd" NuSTAR background simulation toolkit: there is documentation in the repository and a "How To" guide for this software. The reference to cite if used is Daniel R. Wik et al. 2014 ApJ 792 48 doi:10.1088/0004-637X/792/1/48: see the appendix of that paper for a in-depth description.

  • MaLTPyNT (Matteo's Libraries and Tools in Python for NuSTAR Timing) was developed and is being maintained by Matteo Bachetti. The references to cite for this software are Bachetti, M. 2015, MaLTPyNT, Astrophysics Source Code Library, record ascl:1502.021 and "No Time for Dead Time: Timing Analysis of Bright Black Hole Binaries with NuSTAR", Bachetti, M. et al. 2015, ApJ , 800, 109.