MAXI Archive: Getting started


The MAXI science data are organized by sequence, where a sequence corresponds to an observation of one day in lenght. The sequences are located in the HEASARC MAXI data archive area in the /obs directory which is divided in 1000 days interval subdirectories named MJDdd000 (where dd000 correspond to the MJD of the start of the 1000 day). The sequences are located in the MJDddddd, where ddddd is the MJD day. The archive structure is therefore:

                MJD55000/  MJD56000/  MJD57000/  ...
                   MJD56000/ MJD56001/ MJD56002/ ....
                         auxil/     events/ 
                            gsc_med/ gsc_low/ ssc_med/

The directories gsc_med/ gsc_low/ ssc_med/ contains up to 768 event files where each is a specific region in the sky.

Archive access : Web, FTP and wget

At the HEASARC the MAXI archive can be accessed using the web interfaces Browse or via anonymous FTP or via Wget.