Over the few weeks most HEASARC and associated pages (e.g., SkyView) have transitioned to serve data only through the secure HTTPS protocol in accordance with a directive of the federal Office of Management and Budget. Links to HTTP are automatically redirected to the same page using HTTPS. So for most users this transition should be seamless, since they will automatically transition to the new address.

However some software does not support HTTPS, notably the HEASARC's CFITSIO package. To access the HEASARC data from FTOOLS or CALDB we recommend using FTP URL's rather than the HTTP. E.g., use ftp://heasarc.gsfc.nasa.gov/rosat rather than http://heasarc.gsfc.nasasa.gov/FTP/rosat. A release of CFITSIO with HTTPS support will be released in the future.

Java programs, although they can read HTTPS URL's, will not normally follow the redirects from HTTP to HTTPS. If you are accessing HEASARC data through Java programs, please use the HTTPS URLs. Also, the certificates used at the HEASARC require relatively recent versions of Java. If you are having difficulty accessing HEASARC data, please upgrade. We recommend at least Java 1.8 v121.

If you have questions or issues with the transition, please get in touch with the HEASARC help desk.

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Last modified: Wednesday, 29-Mar-2017 09:53:11 EDT