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* Publication list from ADS

The Solar Maximum Mission (SMM) publication list through June, 1999 is the result of a query to the ADS service using the keywords HXRBS for the Hard X-ray Burst Spectrometer and =GRS AND SMM for the Gamma-Ray Spectrometer. Note: the following 2 links are not section 508 compliant.

* Useful SMM references

On the instrumentation
  • Gamma-Ray Spectrometer Forrest, D.J. et al., Solar Physics, 65, 15 (1980).
  • Hard X-ray Burst Spectrometer Orwig, L.E. et al., Solar Physics, 65, 25 (1980).
On Gamma-ray Bursts seen with SMM
  • Spectral evolution of pulse structures in gamma-ray bursts, Norris et al 1986, ApJ, 301, pp. 213-219.
  • A study of the temporal and spectral characteristics of gamma ray bursts, Norris, J.P. 1983, PhD thesis, U. Maryland.

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