The HEASARC Calibration Database

Caldb manager: Dr. M. F. Corcoran

The HEASARC's calibration database (CALDB) system stores and indexes datasets associated with the calibration of high energy astronomical instrumentation. The system can be accessed by users and software alike to determine which calibration datasets are available, and which should be used for data reduction and analysis. (Read more...)

User Information

CALDB Location:

Supported Missions

    Missions and Instruments which use the HEASARC CALDB

Download and Installation Instructions

    Get your own copy of the CALDB for any supported mission

Remote Access to the HEASARC CALDB

    The easiest way to access calibration data from the HEASARC

CALDB Documentation Library

    CALDB file format definitions, user guides and more. For quick reference, a table listing the CALDB Header Keywords, with brief definitions, is available.

Cross-Calibration Information

    This page contains documents regarding efforts at cross-calibration of X-ray and Gamma-ray instruments.

CALDB Software

    Find out what HEASOFT software interacts with the CALDB.

Installing, Managing or Creating your own CALDB

    Download the HEASARC CALDB and update it, or make your own CALDB

CALDB Personnel

    Who's who at the CALDB (and who was who)

Need Help?

CALDB Mirror

The International Astronomical Consortium for High Energy Calibration

    The IACHEC aims to provide standards for high energy calibration and supervise cross calibration between different missions
Latest News

  • NuSTAR CALDB Update (15 Aug 2018) The NuSTAR CALibration DataBase was updated on August 15, 2018 (CALDB version 20180814). This updates the NuSTAR clock correction file to version 84, valid through 2018-08-14.
  • Swift XRT CALDB Data updated (16 Jul 2018)
    The Swift XRT Caldb has been updated (CALDB update version 20180710).
  • The Generic Caldb updated to version 20180713 (13 Jul 2018)
    The generic caldb was updated to version 20180713. This was an update of the caldb.indx file to include the solar_geophys_data_v1.fits file and older leapsecond files which were missing from the previous version of the caldb.indx (20160713)
  • NICER XTI CALDB Updated to Version 20180711 (12 Jul 2018)
    The NICER XTI caldb has been updated to version 20180711. Please make sure you're using the most recent version of the caldb.config file in order to access the NICER XTI CALDB data, and that your CALDB environment variable is set to to remotely access the HEASARC NICER CALDB.
  • Swift CALDB Data updated (09 Jul 2018)
    The Swift SC clock correction has been updated (CALDB update version 20180709).
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