HEASARC Bibliography

NuSTAR Preprints submitted for publication in non-refereed journals

  1. Gamma-rays and positrons from Colliding Wind Binaries
    First Author: Balbo, Matteo
    Publication Date: Sep 2019
    Bibliographic Code: 2019arXiv190900793B
    Comment: 10 pages, 4 figures, HEPRO VII conference proceedings

  2. Combined VERITAS and NuSTAR observations of the gamma-ray binary HESS J0632+057
    First Author: Prado, Raul R.
    Publication Date: Aug 2019
    Bibliographic Code: 2019arXiv190803083P
    Comment: Proceedings of the 36th Iinternational Cosmic Ray Conference, 2019, Madison, WI, USA; PoS(ICRC2019)767

  3. Broadband spectral analysis of MXB 1659-298 in its soft and hard state
    First Author: Mazzola, S. M.
    Publication Date: Jun 2019
    Bibliographic Code: 2019arXiv190610960M
    Comment: Proceedings of the 12th INTEGRAL conference and 1st AHEAD Gamma-ray Workshop, Geneva (Switzerland), 11-15 February 2019, Ed. C. Ferrigno, E. Bozzo, P. von Balmoos; 4 pages, 1 figure, 2 tables, submitted to Mem. S.A.It

  4. Vela X-1 as a laboratory for accretion in High-Mass X-ray Binaries
    First Author: Kretschmar, P.
    Publication Date: May 2019
    Bibliographic Code: 2019arXiv190508578K
    Comment: 4 pages, 2 figures, proceedings of the 12th INTEGRAL conference "INTEGRAL looks AHEAD to Multimessenger astronomy" in Geneva (Switzerland) on 11-15 February 2019

  5. Testing general relativity with supermassive black holes using X-ray reflection spectroscopy
    First Author: Abdikamalov, Askar B.
    Publication Date: May 2019
    Bibliographic Code: 2019arXiv190508012A
    Comment: 22 pages, 12 figures. Review article prepared for a Special Issue of Universe and based on some talks given at the meeting "Recent Progress in Relativistic Astrophysics" (6-8 May 2019, Shanghai, China)

  6. EXO 2030+375 Restarts in Reverse
    First Author: Kretschmar, Peter
    Publication Date: Jun 2017
    Bibliographic Code: 2017arXiv170603969K
    Comment: 11th INTEGRAL Conference Gamma-Ray Astrophysics in Multi-Wavelength Perspective, 10-14 October 2016, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 7 pages

  7. Low-luminosity stellar wind accretion onto neutron stars in HMXBs
    First Author: Postnov, Konstantin
    Publication Date: Jan 2017
    Bibliographic Code: 2017arXiv170100336P
    Comment: 9 pages, 2 figures, Proc. 11th INTEGRAL Conference Gamma-Ray Astrophysics in Multi-Wavelength Perspective, 10-14 October 2016, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  8. Multi-mission observations of the old nova GK Per during the 2015 outburst
    First Author: Zemko, Polina
    Publication Date: Mar 2016
    Bibliographic Code: 2016arXiv160303286Z
    Comment: 7 pages, 2 figures, "The Golden Age of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects - III" conference proceedings, submitted

  9. NuSTAR Observations of X-Ray Binaries
    First Author: Tomsick, John A.
    Publication Date: 201501
    Bibliographic Code: 2015arXiv150103534T
    Comment: From the proceedings of the 10th INTEGRAL Workshop