HEASARC Bibliography

NICER Preprints accepted for publication

  1. NICER observations of the Crab pulsar glitch of 2017 November
    First Author: Vivekanand, M.
    Publication Date: Nov 2019
    Bibliographic Code: 2019arXiv191110028V
    Comment: Accepted for publication in A&A
    ObsIDs in HEASARC

  2. Timing analysis of Swift J1658.2-4242's outburst in 2018 with Insight-HXMT, NICER and AstroSat
    First Author: Xiao, Guangcheng
    Publication Date: Oct 2019
    Bibliographic Code: 2019arXiv191004354X
    Comment: 27 pages, 10 figures, Accepted by JHEAp
    ObsIDs in HEASARC