HEASARC Bibliography

Chandra Proceeding Preprints

  1. Mapping the gas thermodynamic properties of the massive cluster merger MOO J1142 + 1527 at z = 1.2
    First Author: Ruppin, F.
    Publication Date: Nov 2019
    Bibliographic Code: 2019arXiv191103101R
    Comment: to appear in the proceedings of the international conference entitled mm Universe @ NIKA2, Grenoble (France), June 2019, EPJ Web of conferences

  2. X-ray sources in Galactic globular clusters and old open clusters
    First Author: van den Berg, Maureen
    Publication Date: Oct 2019
    Bibliographic Code: 2019arXiv191007595V
    Comment: 10 pages, to appear in the proceedings of IAU Symposium 351, "Star Clusters: From the Milky Way to the Early Universe", 2019

  3. Intra-cluster GC-LMXB in the Fornax galaxy cluster
    First Author: Riccio, Gabriele
    Publication Date: Sep 2019
    Bibliographic Code: 2019arXiv190906383R

  4. Mechanisms of astrophysical jet formation, and comparison with laboratory experiments
    First Author: Bisnovatyi-Kogan, G. S.
    Publication Date: May 2019
    Bibliographic Code: 2019arXiv190506095B
    Comment: 18 pages, 17 figures, PoS (FRAPWS2018) 061

  5. High-speed Ejecta from the Gamma-ray Binary PSR B1259-63/LS 2883
    First Author: Pavlov, George G.
    Publication Date: Mar 2019
    Bibliographic Code: 2019arXiv190300781P
    Comments: Published in "Rendiconti Lincei. Scienze Fisiche e Naturali''. The final authenticated version is available online at url{http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s12210-019-00765-0}. Based on presentation at the Conference on Gamma-Ray Astrophysics with the AGILE Satellite held at Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei and Agenzia Spaziale Italiana, Rome on December 11-13, 2017; doi:10.1007/s12210-019-00765-0

  6. Monitoring of the eclipsing Wolf-Rayet ULX in the Circinus galaxy
    First Author: Qiu, Yanli
    Publication Date: Mar 2019
    Bibliographic Code: 2019arXiv190302327Q
    Comments: 10 pages, 4 figures. This manuscript is a slightly expanded and updated version of our contribution to the Proceedings of IAU Symposium 346, "High Mass X-ray Binaries: illuminating the passage from massive binaries to merging compact objects" (Vienna, August 2018)

  7. Phase connected X-ray light curve and He II RV measurements of NGC 300 X-1
    First Author: Carpano, S.
    Publication Date: Dec 2018
    Bibliographic Code: 2018arXiv181200662C
    Comments: 7 pages, 4 figures, from IAU Symposium 346: High-mass X-ray binaries: illuminating the passage from massive binaries to merging compact objects

  8. X-ray - Infrared relation of AGNs and search for highly obscured accretion in the AKARI NEP Field
    First Author: Miyaji, Takamitsu
    Publication Date: Dec 2018
    Bibliographic Code: 2018arXiv181206208M
    Comments: 4 pages, 2 figures. Submitted for publication in the proceedings of the IAU Symp. 341 "PanModel2018 : Challenges in Panchromatic Galaxy Modelling with Next Generation Facilities"

  9. Different generations of HMXBs: clues about their formation efficiency from Magellanic Clouds studies
    First Author: Antoniou, Vallia
    Publication Date: Dec 2018
    Bibliographic Code: 2018arXiv181211070A
    Comments: 5 pages, 4 figures. To appear in Proc. IAUS 346: High-mass X-ray binaries: illuminating the passage from massive binaries to merging compact objects

  10. Ultra fast outflows, and their connection to accretion and ejection processes in AGNs
    First Author: Lia Longinotti, Anna
    Publication Date: Aug 2018
    Bibliographic Code: 2018arXiv180801043L
    Comment: 7 pages, 7 figures, Proceedings of Invited Review given at the IAU Symposium 342 "Perseusin Sicily: from black hole to cluster outskirts" held in Noto (Aug 2018)

  11. Cosmic Ray Origin: beyond the Standard Model(s). The case of Pulsar Wind Nebulae and Unidentified very high energy gamma-ray sources
    First Author: Tibolla, O.
    Publication Date: Feb 2018
    Bibliographic Code: 2018arXiv180203764T
    Comment: Invited review in Publ. Astron. Obs. Belgrade, proceedings of the 18th Serbian Astronomical Conference

  12. Searches for Axion-Like Particles with NGC1275: Current and Future Bounds
    First Author: Jennings, Nicholas
    Publication Date: Nov 2017
    Bibliographic Code: 2017arXiv171102208J
    Comment: Contributed to the 13th Patras Workshop on Axions, WIMPs and WISPs, Thessaloniki, May 15 to 19, 2017

  13. Chandra spectroscopy of Rapid Burster type-I X-ray bursts
    First Author: in 't Zand, J. J. M.
    Publication Date: Mar 2017
    Bibliographic Code: 2017arXiv170307221I
    Comment:Submitted to Proceedings of 11th INTEGRAL conference (Amsterdam, October 2016), to be published in PoS, 10 pages, 5 figures

  14. On the connection between radio mini-halos and gas heating in cool core clusters
    First Author: Bravi, Luca
    Publication Date: Mar 2016
    Bibliographic Code: 2016arXiv160300368B
    Comment: 4 pages, 2 figures. Conference proceeding of "The many facets of extragalactic radio surveys: towards new scientific challenges", 20-23 October 2015, Bologna, Italy

  15. Multi-mission observations of the old nova GK Per during the 2015 outburst
    First Author: Zemko, Polina
    Publication Date: Mar 2016
    Bibliographic Code: 2016arXiv160303286Z
    Comment: 7 pages, 2 figures, "The Golden Age of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects - III" conference proceedings, submitted