HEAO-3 Bibliography

photo of HEAO-3 in the clean room

* Publication list from ADS

The HEAO-3 publication list through December, 1997 is the result of a query to the ADS service using the keyword HEAO3 or HEAO-3. Note : the following link is not section 508 compliant.

* Useful HEAO-3 references

  • Instrumentation:
    • Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy Experiment: Wheaton, W. A., Jacobson, A. S., Ling, J. C., Mahoney, W. A., and Varnell, L.S. 1987, Proceedings of the High-Energy Radiation Background in Space, AIP Proceedings 186, AIP:New York.
    • CsI anti-coincidence shield: Schwartz, R.A., Ling, J.C., Mahoney, W.A., and Jacobson, A.S. 1987, ApJ, 317, 846.
    • Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy Experiment: Mahoney, W.A., Ling, J.C., Jacobson, A.S., and Tapphorn, R.M. 1980, Nucl. Instr. Meth., 178, 363.

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