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The HEASARC welcomes your participation in a brief survey to capture how users access and utilize HEASARC data, software, and services. The outcome(s) of this survey will be used to guide, prioritize, and plan our activities and development in the coming years. It contains 18 questions, generally takes just a few minutes to complete, and your answers will remain totally anonymous. We thank you in advance for your valuable feedback.

ASCA Guest Observer Facility

Software News

Last modified 1998 Aug 21

This document lists various updates regarding the software, such as release notes for new versions.

Guest Observers who have questions regarding the software are encouraged to contact ASCA GOF: visit the Feedback form.

Current Contents

In reverse chronological order (most recent ones first)

  1. Known bugs/features list (Updated Jun 26, 2002)
  2. HEAsoft v5.2 ASCA release notes (Created Jun 26, 2002)
  3. HEAsoft v5.1 ASCA release notes (Created Aug 8, 2001)
  4. HEAsoft v5.0/v5.0.1 ASCA release notes (Created May 22, 2000)
  5. FTOOLS v4.2 ASCA release notes (Updated Dec 17, 1998)
  6. FTOOLS v4.1 ASCA release notes (May 18, 1998)
  7. FTOOLS v4.0 ASCA release notes. (Updated Jul 15, 1997)
  8. SIS analysis with XTE patch 3.6.1 (Updated Apr 25, 1997)
  9. FTOOLS v3.6 release notes (Oct 21, 1996).
  10. Second update to ASCA FTOOLS (v3.5.2) released (Aug 28, 1996)
  11. WMAP Bug in Extractor (Jul 30, 1996)
  12. EBOUNDS Extension in SIS Response Matrices (Jul 30, 1996)
  13. A New Version of ROLL (Jul 30, 1996)
  14. Updated ASCA FTOOLS released (Jul 15, 1996).
  15. A list of current known XSPEC bugs (this link created Apr 2, 1996).
  16. FTOOLS v3.5 released (Apr 1, 1996).

If you have any questions concerning ASCA, visit our Feedback form.

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