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ASCA Science Highlights: X-ray Binaries

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X-ray Binaries (XRBs) are close binary systems in which a neutron star or a black hole is accreting material from a more or less normal star. These are among the brightest X-ray sources in the sky.
  • Strong and variable iron emission lines are seen in the massive XRB, Cen X-3, through its eclipse by the companion star.
  • The excellent resolution of ASCA has resulted in the discovery of a strong neon line in the unusual low-mass XRB 4U1626-67, and other low energy features in several other systems.
  • Some transient XRBs have recently been seen to eject jets of materials at close to the speed of light, much like in quasars: they are therefore dubbed "microquasars." Absorption features have been detected in the ASCA spectra of microquasars, giving scientists a unique method to study the jets.
  • Transient XRBs in quiescence may have low enough accretion rates that material cannot radiate efficiently. They may therefore carry the heat inward without producing X-rays: this is called an Advection Dominated Accretion Flow, or ADAF. If the accreting object is a neutron star, then the ADAF will eventually hit its surface and must radiate X-rays; if there is a black hole, however, we may not see much radiation. This may be the case with the black hole transient V404 Cyg in quiescence.

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