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ASCA Science Highlights: Surveys

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Some ASCA observations are not of specific objects, but of specific areas of the sky to see what kind of X-ray emitting objects may be found. Although ASCA is not the first instrument used for an X-ray survey by any means, it has extended imaging X-ray surveys to a higher energy range (up to 10 keV) than ever before.
  • We live in a spiral (perhaps a barred-spiral) galaxy. By observing the Galactic plane, therefore, we can observe a large number of interesting objects that are often obscured by intervening gas and dust. The hard X-ray sensitivity of ASCA (which is less susceptible to interstellar absorption) is one way of getting around this. The ASCA Galactic Plane Survey has uncovered many interesting X-ray sources so far.
  • Outside our own Galaxy, ASCA has enabled discoveries of heavily obscured active galaxies such as NGC 6552.

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