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HEASARC support for unencrypted FTP access ended on September 20, 2019. Please see this notice for details.

ASCA Guest Observer Facility

ISAS Daily Reports

ISAS has provided the U.S. ASCA GOF with a daily report of the ASCA satellite and instruments from the day of its launch on February 20, 1993. This report is written by the ASCA duty scientists at the Kagoshima Space Center, KSC and is mostly in Japanese. But they usually write a few words in English and it can be useful to see what was happening during the each pass. The files are postscript and are updated regularly as new reports come in. Please contact if you have any questions.

The reports are kept in the anonymous ftp area on in the directory asca/isas_reports. Click here to access them.

Last Revised: November 15, 1994