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Target list for ASCA Long Look Phase

The following is the list of targets selected for the Long Look Phase of the ASCA mission. This phase will commence upon the launch of ASTRO-E. The targets were selected from informal proposals from US and Japan (and ESA) investigators. Approximately 40 percent of the time originates in US proposals, the remainder from Japan and ESA proposals.

Targets have been given a general observing priority of A or B. Priority A targets will be observed during the first year of the Long Look Phase. If ASCA operations extend beyond the end of that year, the priority B targets may be observed. Within the general A and B categories, targets are ranked by observing priority.

The time associated with each target is the recommended observing time. Long Look observations will be performed on a "best effort" basis: previous completion criteria no longer apply. Observations may be interrupted for Observatory maintenance or TOO's.

The PI associated with each observation is the proposer. This individual serves as the planner of the observation. The PI receives no proprietary data rights --- the data flow directly into the ASCA public archive.

The latest predictions of ASCA's orbital decay suggests that stable pointing can be carried out until at least March 2001, when the satellite perigee is expected to reach 440 km. Over the subsequent year the perigee is anticipated to drop to 300 km. At some time during that year it will become impossible to maintain stable attitude, and regular observations will cease.

As the end of the first year of the Long Look Phase (and priority A obsevations) near an end, the ASCA merging committee will reconsider the priority B targets. It is possible that the committee might allow proposals for some new targets, based on results from Chandra, XMM or ASTRO-E.

Priority A Targets

Target R.A. Dec. Time TC PI Name
name (deg) (deg) (ksec)
LMC Survey No.11-2174.000-66.500 440NJ.YOKOGAWA
SMC Survey No.6-108.250-73.750 200NJ.YOKOGAWA
ARAKELIAN 564340.66329.725 1560YTurner
4U1608-52243.179-52.423 500NT.DOTANI
GRS1915+105288.79810.946 300NY.KAZUTAKA
NGC4151182.63639.406 600NH.INOUE
SS 433287.9574.983 560YN.KAWAI
AR LAC332.17045.742 500NDrake
MKN501253.46839.760 400NT.TAKAHASHI
PKS2155-304329.717-30.226 400NT.TAKAHASHI
H1426+428217.13642.673 300NT.TAKAHASHI
NGC4395186.45433.547 300NK.IWASAWA
IRAS 13224-3809201.330-38.415 750NLeighly
SMC_SW11.859-73.231 500NK.IMANISHI
IC342 SOURCE 156.47968.085 300NK.MAKISHIMA
NGC 131349.346-66.731 400NPetre
VIRGO_M87_M60189.45811.083 200NK.KIKUCHI
VIRGO_SW186.10011.555 200NK.KIKUCHI
V773 TAU63.55428.204 300NS.YAMAUCHI
R CRA285.482-36.953 300NK.HAMAGUCHI
PG 0804+761122.74476.045 750NNandra
RHO OPH CORE246.927-24.617 300NK.IMANISHI
DEM_S12816.275-72.186 280NJ.YOKOGAWA
N2376.477-68.032 200NHwang
DEM 7176.438-67.883 200NHwang
NGC 5506213.312-3.208 400NH.NEGORO
PG1404+226211.59222.396 300NK.HAYASHIDA
BY CAM85.70460.859 1120NMukai
SGR_A266.417-29.008 400NH.MURAKAMI

Priority B Targets

Target R.A. Dec. Time TC PI Name
name (deg) (deg) (ksec)
VIRGO_HR_EAST186.41710.677 160NK.KIKUCHI
VIRGO_M49_SOUTH186.6806.971 160NK.KIKUCHI
IRAS 13349+2438204.32824.384 500NBrandt
PG 1114+445169.27844.227 500NBrandt
NGC 7314338.940-26.051 400NH.NEGORO
1E161348-5055244.398-51.039 300NK.TORII
AB DRA297.27977.740 500NP.MAHASENA
NEP Clusters265.65463.641 700NHenry
YZ CNC122.73628.143 300NP.WHEATLEY
GC-IRON-SURVEY No 1-13266.319-27.718 520NM.SAKANO
AU MIC311.290-31.341 500NDrake
RX J0852-4622132.250-45.500 240NH.TSUNEMI
SGR_C266.100-29.424 200NH.MURAKAMI
AX J184453-025642281.222-2.945 350NGotthelf
M82 MASSIVE BH148.96369.680 300NT.TSURU
HCG62193.271-9.204 300NY.FUKAZAWA
V444 CYG304.88538.732 500NCorcoran
PDS 456262.083-14.266 300NJ.REEVES
RXJ 1443-6228220.726-62.468 200NA.BAMBA
WR 140305.11643.855 750NCorcoran
WR 140305.11643.855 250NCorcoran
SGR0526-6681.494-66.086 200NM.TSUJIMOTO
AXJ1739.1-3035264.783-30.350 200NM.SAKANO
RX J0050.7-731612.686-73.268 400NCorbet
M3323.46230.660 200NY.FUKAZAWA
SGR 1806-20272.164-20.411 750NKouveliotou
BL LACERTAE330.68042.278 200NM.TASHIRO
RXJ0152.7-135728.179-13.958 320NDonahue


The LMC, SMC, and the Galactic Center Iron line surveys are approved as a set of 11, 5, and 13 times 40 ksec pointings, respectively. For the NEP Clusters, 7 times 100 ksec pointings have been approved. This table contains only the representative pointing positions for these projects.

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