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HEASARC support for unencrypted FTP access ended on September 20, 2019. Please see this notice for details.

ASCA Guest Observer Facility

ASCA Data Analysis

This page helps users analyze ASCA data obtained from GSFC. Please also refer to the Data Processing page, which documents what have been done at GSFC to produce these data.

Data Analysis Guides - The Essentials

Data Reduction and Analysis Procedures - Further Details

Calibration News

Please see the ASCA Calibration page for full details on calibration files, cross-calibration with other missions, and more. Listed below are selected highlights and news:

Software News

Please refer to Software News for full details (see also the HEASARC Software page). The most recent entries on the Software News page are:

Instrument News

Older Items

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HEASARC Guest Observer Facility
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This file was last modified on Tuesday, 22-Dec-2015 14:05:39 EST

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