Astronomische Nederlandse Satelliet Bibliography

photo of ANS in clean room

* Publication list from ADS

The Astronomische Nederlandse Satelliet (ANS) publication list through June, 1999 is the result of a query to the ADS service using the keyword ANS. Note : the following 4 links are not section 508 compliant.

* Useful ANS references

On the instrumentation
  • Low Energy concentrator and proportional-counter system
    • Brinkman et al., 1974, Philips Tech. Rev. 34, 43.
    • den Boggende & Lafleur, 1975, IEEE, Trans. on Nucl. sci. NS-22,555.
  • High Energy proportional counter , Gursky et al. 1975, Ap. J.Lett., 205, L127
On the X-ray burst discovery
  • Burst from the globular cluster NGC 6624, Grindley et al. 1976, Ap.J.Let. 205, L127

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