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The Observatories page lists missions and data that the HEASARC specializes in.
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Tutorial examples

Look for all ROSAT data on NGC1205
rosat ngc1205
Try clicking on the tables list link that appears at the top right corner as you enter these parameters.

Look for all ASCA observations of within 10' of 3C273 with GIS exposures > 20000.
3c273 asca gis_exposure>20000 10'

Look for all X-ray observations of 3c273 and Eta Carinae in the 1990's.
Limit results to 10 rows per table in the text format but try all tables, not just the best matches.
'eta car' 3c273 1990-1-1..2000-1-1 x-ray rows:10 text tables:all
Note the quotes around eta car. We could have shortened rows: and tables: to r: and t:.

Look for all ROSAT or XTE data near specified positions excluding the xteindex table
10 20 30.5, 40 15 12.2; 128.34 +4.83 ROSAT | XTE -xteindex

Look for objects near Polaris in surveys that mention 2MASS in their metadata. Include Vizier tables.
k:2MASS p:polaris vizier
Note the use of the k: and p: options to force 2MASS to be interpreted as a keyword and polaris as a position.

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