The High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center (HEASARC) is the primary archive for NASA's (and other space agencies') missions studying electromagnetic radiation from extremely energetic cosmic phenomena ranging from black holes to the Big Bang. Since its merger with the Legacy Archive for Microwave Background Data Analysis (LAMBDA) in 2008, the HEASARC archive contains not only data obtained by high-energy astronomy missions observing in the extreme-ultraviolet (EUV), X-ray, and gamma-ray bands, but also data from space missions, balloons, and ground-based facilities that have studied the relic cosmic microwave background (CMB).

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Enter positions, times, missions, etc to query the HEASARC database.

Try ROSAT 3c273 1d to get ROSAT data within one degree of 3c273 or chanmaster bii>80 status='archived' to get archived Chandra Observations data near the north galactic pole.

Note: For more than one target or when using any qualifier other than a mission , use quotes around targets that have embedded white space.(e.g., 'ar lac').

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Latest News
  • Chandra Weighs Most Massive Galaxy Cluster in Distant Universe (22 Dec 2014)
    A newly discovered galaxy cluster, XDCP J0044.0-2033 nicknamed the Gioiello or Jewel Cluster, is the most massive cluster ever detected with an age of 800 million years or less. Using data from Chandra, Tozzi et al. (2015, ApJ, in press) have accurately determined the mass and other properties of this cluster, an important step in understanding how galaxy clusters have evolved over cosmic time.
  • Chandra Cycle 17 Call for Proposals Has Been Released (18 Dec 2014)
    The Chandra X-ray Center is pleased to announce the release of the Chandra Cycle 17 Call for Proposals (CfP). The CfP, the Proposers' Observatory Guide (POG), proposal planning software, and general information are posted on the above web site. The deadline for Cycle 17 proposals to be submitted by is 2015 March 17, 6:00pm EDT.
  • New Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Catalog Web Site (17 Dec 2014)
    This web site includes search tools to query the Swiftgrb database at the HEASARC and external sites for additional information on the GRBs. The Swiftgrb database contains information for each burst detected by Swift, as well as data products obtained from all instruments on Swift (currently through Dec 2012).
  • Chandra CALDB 4.6.5 installed at the HEASARC (16 Dec 2014)
    CalDB 4.6.5 is now installed and available at the HEASARC. Chandra 4.6.5 was released on December 16, 2014. Note that this release requires CIAO 4.3 or higher...
  • WISE Blazar-like Radio-Loud Source (WIBRaLS) Catalog (16 Dec 2014)
    This catalog of 7,855 sources classified as BL Lacs, FSRQs, or mixed candidate blazars based on their WISE mid-IR colors being similar to those of confirmed gamma-ray blazars (from D'Abrusco et al. 2014, ApJS, 215, 14) is now available in Browse and Xamin.
  • XSPEC 12.8.2g Released (15 Dec 2014)
    Updated December 15, 2014. Change for recorn component ...

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